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Small square glass bottles
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  • Small square glass bottles
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Small square glass bottles

  • Color:Clear
  • Capacity:300 ml
  • Opening:Screw
  • Price:Inquiry
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Small square glass bottles

10oz / 300ml Square Glass Bottle

  • Item NO.:SF-JRS300
  • Material:glass
  • Usage:Storage
  • Diameter:66.5*66.5mm
  • Height:149mm
  • Weight:300g
  • Sample:Yes
  • Way of packing: Pallets Or Cartons
  • Customized Printed Carton:Available
  • Delivery time:25~40 Days
  • Shipments:we can offer CY to CY,CY to door service

Our meticulously engineered 10oz / 300ml Square Glass Bottle (ITEM NO.: SF-JRS300) redefines the standard for versatile, premium packaging. Positioned within the intersection of functionality and sophistication, these bottles cater to discerning needs across various industries. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of their features and services:

Capacity and Measurements:

These bottles are not only functional but also aesthetically designed, with a 10oz / 300ml capacity that is perfect for consumer-friendly quantities. The dimensions are thoughtfully designed with a square footprint of 66.5*66.5mm to maximize shelf space, paired with a modest height of 149mm to accommodate versatile packaging needs without being cumbersome. The Square Glass Bottle's uniform weight of 300g ensures it is solid to handle yet not unwieldy.

Constructed Material:

Crafted from pure, high-clarity super flint glass, the SF-JRS300 ensures that the products inside are not only visible but also secured within a robust container that maintains the original taste and freshness. The choice of glass as a packaging material reflects an investment in sustainability, as it is 100% recyclable, ensuring that the packaging journey doesn't detract from environmental consciousness.

Functional Usage:

With its square design and clear walls, the bottle serves as a versatile vessel fit for an array of contents, including but not limited to spirits, culinary condiments, and specialty beverages. The clear glass construction allows for the contents within to be viewed in their true form, making these bottles an excellent option for product displays and enhancing user engagement.

Wholesale Distribution Policy:

We understand that every aspect of your product packaging must reflect the quality of your brand, which is why we provide comprehensive wholesale distribution policies. This includes a tailored approach to packaging, be it standard pallets for bulk shipping or individual cartons for smaller orders, all designed to ensure the integrity of the bottles during transport.

Customization Services:

Unique branding is key in standing out in a congested marketplace, and we accommodate this with our customization service. Utilizing modern printing technology, we offer custom-printed cartons that grant your product a personalized touch — from company logos to intricate designs — propelling your brand's visual narrative forward.

Sampling Assurance:

To ensure our commitment to quality aligns with your standards, free samples are provided. This is our promise to you that partnering with us is a risk-free venture — confirming both the aesthetic appeal and the quality of our glass bottles before you make a larger investment.

Efficient Delivery and Logistics:

Our efficiency is mirrored in our delivery times, with a turnaround ranging from 25 to 40 days. Accommodating your distribution needs, we offer comprehensive shipment options, from Container Yard (CY) to Container Yard (CY) and CY to door services, streamlining the path from our production lines to your storage facilities.

With the 10oz / 300ml Square Glass Bottle, we promise more than just a container; we deliver a comprehensive branding opportunity. From the visually appealing square design to the substantial weight that conveys quality, from the adaptability of use to the protective packaging, every detail of our wholesale and customized printing services is curated to enhance your product's value and customer appeal.

Our mission excels beyond simply supplying a container; it's about providing a packaging solution that aligns with the elegance, safety, and quality of the liquid within. We extend to you not only a product but a partnership, one we believe will flourish with a dedication to excellence and a commitment to satisfaction that is reflected in every 300ml square glass bottle we supply.

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FAQs About Glass Bottles Wholesale

How do you ensure quality?

Producing glass bottles for global brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi (7UP), our factory's expertise speaks for itself.

What is your MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one container. However, you're not required to meet this quantity with a single type of bottle. In fact, if your business is just starting out, our advice is that you can purchase multiple types of bottles in smaller quantities and combine them to fill a container.
Exceptionally, the MOQ for Perfume Bottles is only 2000 pcs.

What packaging options do you offer?

Pallets, cartons, and box palletization are available options. Customized packaging is also possible.

How long is your delivery lead time?

For the regular stock bottle, We can ship it in 10-15days.

Trade Terms?

FOB and CIF are commonly used. DDP is also an option, where we handle all import customs procedures for the customer and deliver the goods directly to their doorstep.

Do you provide free samples?

Certainly, we offer complimentary samples to our customers. Customers are only required to cover the courier fee, which will be reimbursed upon placing an order.

How to make a claim?

Many overseas exporters are vague about this. Cross-border trade adds complexity to the claims process. We never shy away from claim requests; it's a crucial part of our service and a reason you should choose us as your partner.