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Burgundy Wine Bottle

Burgundy wine bottles are renowned for their wide body and sloping shoulders, boasting a classic and sturdy design. These bottles are commonly used for red wines similar to Pinot Noir, white wines, and various homemade wines. The popular sizes for burgundy wine bottles are 750ml, 375ml, and 187ml. Sunfect Packaging maintain ample stock for quick delivery. Cork stoppers are provided as complementary accessories.

Looking for a supplier of bulk Burgundy wine bottles?

Sunfect Packaging is a top-tier supplier of Burgundy Wine Bottles based in China. Differing from well-known online malls such as The Cary Company, Berlin, or TricorBraun WinePak, which sell burgundy wine bottles in small quantities, Sunfect Packaging only focuses on supplying large quantities to online malls. Our MOQ is at least one container, shipped via sea freight. Shipped within 30 days.

We are the source supplier

More than 17 years of experience in the wine packaging industry.

All the burgundy wine bottle are made of environmentally friendly soda-lime glass.

The typical sizes are 750ml, 375ml, and 187ml.

Free sample bottles, 30 days worldwide shipment.

MOQ: One container. Mixed bottles of various kinds can be loaded in the container.

Burgundy Wine Bottles Wholesale

Best Deals on Bulk Orders

Burgundy Wine Bottle Wholesale

750Ml Burgundy Wine Bottle,Flint&Green|Cork Finish

Bulk & Wholesale 750ml Burgundy Wine Bottle with cork finish.Including The optional colors are clear and antique green.Multiple styles of corks are available for selection.
750ml Burgundy Wine Bottle Wholesale

750Ml Burgundy Wine Bottle, Antique Green|Cork Finish

Burgundy Wine Bottles supply. Standard 750ml capacity and classic antique green color. Made from soda-lime glass. Burgundy Wine Bottle manufacturers in China.
750ml Burgundy Wine Bottle | flint

750Ml Burgundy Wine Bottle, Flint|Screw Cap Finish

Burgundy Wine Bottle in bulk. 750Ml flint Burgundy Wine Bottle with screw finish. Clear burgundy wine bottles available to highlight the color of your wine. Various styles of cork stoppers are available.
750Ml Burgundy Wine Bottle with screw finish

750Ml Burgundy Wine Bottle, Antique Green|Screw Cap Finish

Buying Bulk Burgundy Wine Bottle at Wholesale Price. The matching screw cap is made of durable aluminum, eliminating the need for a cork. The cap provides a secure seal and can be reused in a short period of time.
375ml Burgundy Wine Bottle with screw cap finish

375ml Burgundy Wine Bottle, Antique Green|Screw Cap Finish

Bulk Mini Burgundy Wine Bottle, with a screw cap finish. This 375 ml (or 12.7 oz) bottle is often called a Demi Bottle. Designed for personal consumption or single serving.
Mini wine bottles wholesale

187Ml Mini Wine Bottles, Screw Cap Finish

Mini Wine Bottles Wholesale: wine bottles manufacturers in china. 187Ml wine bottle, also known as split bottle, typically used for single servings of wine. Ideal for special occasions, travel, or portion control situations.

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A complete guide to buying Burgundy Wine Bottles in bulk

  • Sunfect Packaging is a professional glass bottle supplier in China, specializing in providing high-quality glass packaging solutions for the food, beverage and cosmetics industries. For more than ten years, we have been committed to using advanced production technology and strict quality control systems to ensure that every glass container exceeds our customers' high standards.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to support our customers' brand growth by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly glass bottle packaging. Sunfect Packaging is committed to becoming more than just a supplier; our vision is to seek a greener, more sustainable model for economic development.

    Our Products

    Sunfect Packaging offers glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, including but not limited to:

    1. Beverage glass bottles: Suitable for various beverages such as beer, wine, oil, water, juice, carbonated drinks, etc.
    2. Glass jars: Suitable for storage of sauces, pickles, honey and various condiments.
    3. Cosmetic glass bottles: Suitable for liquid cosmetics, essential oils, etc.
    4. Glass jug: Suitable for water, home brew, etc.
    5. Glass Growler: Suitable for serving beer on-site at a beer shop or brewery. It is also used to hold other types of beverages, such as cider or cold brew coffee. It is a very versatile container.
    6. Burgundy Wine Bottles: Designed for wine producers, these bottles meet the specific needs of preserving and enhancing the quality of Burgundy wine.
    We provide customized solutions based on customer needs, including bottle design, capacity selection and cap accessories.

    Our Advantage

    Quality Assurance: All glass containers undergo strict quality inspections and comply with international safety standards.
    Environmentally friendly materials: Our glass materials are recyclable, reducing environmental impact.
    Customized services: We provide one-stop service from design to production to meet the brand differentiation needs of different customers.
    Fast delivery: Our efficient production and logistics systems ensure fast delivery and minimize supply chain disruptions.

    Contact Us

    For more information, please contact Sunfect Packaging at:

    WhatsApp: 8618678230428

    Email: kathleengao *at*

    We look forward to working with you to create a better future!
  • Purchasing Process at Sunfect Packaging
  • Step 1: Inquiry and Consultation

    Contact Us

    Reach out to Sunfect Packaging through our website form, phone, email, or direct Whatsapp message to Sales Manager Kathleen. Be sure to include basic information about your needs, including glass bottle type, desired quantity, and specific customizations if any.Consultation: A member from our sales team will get in touch within 24 working hours to fully understand your requirements. This includes discussing bottle shapes, colors, cap types, and sending free samples for quality verification.

    Step 2: Quotation and Agreement

    Receiving a Quote

    We'll provide a detailed quote covering pricing, delivery timeline, and terms and conditions.Agreement: Upon quote acceptance, a formal agreement will be sent for your signature to confirm order specifics, including payment and delivery details.

    Step 3: Design and Production

    Design Approval

    Custom orders begin with our design team creating a preliminary image or prototype for your approval.

    Production Timeline

    Product Type Production Lead Time
    Standard Within one month (if out of stock)
    Customized Subject to design approval and mold creation

    Production Details

    Our facility adheres to high manufacturing standards, ensuring products are made to your specifications. Custom products go through trial production and sample testing before full-scale manufacturing.

    Step 4: Quality Control


    Our quality control team performs rigorous inspections throughout manufacturing.Final Approval: A final inspection ensures adherence to quality standards, using AQL sampling. Quality reports available upon request.

    Step 5: Shipping and Delivery

    Packaging Options

    Glass bottles are carefully packaged using one of the following methods to ensure safe transport:

    Method Description
    Carton Standard export carton with dividers
    Pallets Standard export pallet packaging
    Box Palletized Combination of carton and pallet packing


    Reliable partners guarantee timely delivery. Customers are kept informed of shipping progress and notified upon order arrival.

    Step 6: After-Sales Support


    Customer feedback is solicited post-delivery for product and process satisfaction. For any quality issues, you can initiate a claim to us.


    Ongoing after-sales support is available for additional needs or issues.

    At Sunfect Packaging, streamlining the purchasing process to ensure great customer experiences is our goal. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing the optimal glass bottle solutions for your needs.

  • What is Burgundy Wine Bottle?
  • What is the definition of a Burgundy wine bottle?

    Burgundy wine bottles hold a unique place in the world of wine. They are different from other wine bottles. Perhaps we can find the reasons why they are favored by many people from their own unique characteristics, historical factors, etc.

    Characteristics of Burgundy wine bottles

    Learn about shapes and designs

    Burgundy bottles are known for their elegant and unique shape. They usually have gently sloping shoulders rather than the sharp shoulders of Bordeaux bottles. Correspondingly, its bottle body and bottom appear wider. This design is not only beautiful but also practical, influencing how sediment accumulates and is managed.

    Materials and Capacity

    Typically, these bottles are made of antique green glass. This helps protect the wine from light and preserves its quality. The standard Burgundy bottle holds 750ml, but there are variations for collector's and special editions. Sunfect Packaging is proud to have the rare mini burgundy wine bottle series.

    The history of the Burgundy wine bottle

    Originated from the Burgundy region of France

    The design originates from the Burgundy region of France, known for its world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The bottle is designed to differentiate its contents from those of Bordeaux, another famous wine region.

    Evolution over time

    Over the centuries, the Burgundy bottle has become a symbol of fine wine and has given the region its reputation.

    Why choose Burgundy bottle?

    Suitable for certain types of wine

    The shape of the Burgundy wine bottle is particularly suitable for wines with complex aromas and delicate flavors, such as those made from the Pinot Noir grape. The design helps capture sediment from the aging process, making it easier to pour clear wine.

    Aesthetics and traditional charm

    Their unique appearance adds an element of tradition and elegance to the wine range. This also makes it a classic choice for presentations and special occasions.

    Collect Burgundy bottles

    value to collectors :

    Burgundy bottles are highly collectible, especially aged wines from famous wineries. Over time, their investment value increases.

    Advice for collectors :

    When collecting, look for well-preserved labels, correct storage history, and authenticity. These factors greatly influence the value of a Burgundy wine bottle.

    Frequently asked questions about Burgundy wine bottles

    What wines are typically stored in Burgundy bottles?

    Although traditionally used for Burgundy wines, many producers now use these bottles for other types of wines, particularly those that benefit from the bottle's sediment-treated shape.

    How should Burgundy bottles be stored?

    Place them on their side in a cool, dark place to keep the corks moist and prevent spoilage. Sunfect Packaging's recommendations for optimal storage conditions are: dark, approximately 13 degrees Celsius, and 70% humidity.

    Can Burgundy bottles be recycled?

    Yes, they are made of glass and are fully recyclable, making them a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

    In a nutshell

    Burgundy wine bottles not only hold a lot of history, but they also offer practical benefits for wine storage and aging. Understanding this knowledge can not only enhance their appreciation of wine but also enrich the spiritual world for collectors and wine lovers.

  • Legal and Compliance Considerations for Buying Burgundy Wine Bottles in Bulk
  • When purchasing Burgundy Wine Bottles in bulk, especially when importing or trading across borders, there are some legal and compliance issues that must be considered. This article details all relevant regulatory points in import and export trade to avoid possible legal pitfalls.

    Regulatory Requirements

    Import Regulations:

    If you are importing Burgundy Wine Bottles from other countries, it is important to understand the import regulations in your country. This includes duties, taxes and any import duties that may apply. For example, the United States has imposed a 25% tariff on most types of glass containers from China, and the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an announcement on January 19, 2024, announcing the launch of an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation on 750ml glass bottles imported from China. The 750ml burgundy wine bottle falls into this category. On February 9, 2024, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made a preliminary ruling on countervailing industry harm to glass wine bottles imported from China, ruling that the products involved in the case were claimed to have subsidies and dumping behavior and caused substantial damage to the U.S. domestic industry. . This means that the tariffs on the products involved will be subject to new tariffs on top of the original 25%. As one of the top burgundy wine bottle suppliers in China, Sunfect Packaging has actively responded to the lawsuit and strived for a lower average tax rate.

    Customs Clearance:

    Make sure all customs clearance documents are complete. This includes providing a detailed invoice, packing list and certificate of origin (if required). Poor management of the customs process can result in delays or additional charges, affecting your overall costs and timelines.

    Compliance certification

    Food safety standards:

    Glass bottles used to store wine must meet certain food safety standards to ensure they do not contaminate the wine. In the United States, this means complying with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. In the EU, materials that come into contact with food must comply with EU Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

    Quality Certification:

    Look for suppliers that offer bottles that meet recognized quality standards. Certifications such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) can show that bottles are produced to international quality standards, which is reassuring from a durability and safety perspective. In addition, product quality testing reports provided by third-party testing agencies such as SGS, BV and intertek are also important references.

    Environmental regulations:

    Depending on your location, there may be regulations regarding the environmental impact of the products you purchase. This includes the materials used in the bottle and the manufacturing process. For example, some regions require that glass manufacturing processes use a certain percentage of recycled content.

    Labeling requirements

    Accurate Labeling:

    Wine bottles must be accurately labeled in accordance with local and international wine labeling laws. This includes the volume of the bottle, the type of wine it contains, and possibly the origin of the glass if required by a trade agreement.

    Warning labels:

    Some jurisdictions require specific warnings on bottles, such as about the health risks associated with drinking alcohol. For this type of situation, make sure there is a reserved label area on the bottle.

    Intellectual Property Considerations


    If you plan to use custom designs or logos on your Burgundy Wine Bottles, make sure these do not infringe on existing trademarks. A thorough trademark search may be conducted with the help of a legal professional to avoid costly legal disputes.

    Design Rights:

    Likewise, if your bottle design is unique, you may consider applying for design rights or patents to protect your intellectual property. This prevents other companies from copying your design.

    Consult an expert:

    Given the complexity of legal and compliance issues, consulting a legal expert in the area of international trade and food safety regulations can be extremely valuable. They can provide specific guidance tailored to your business location and the origin of the bottle.

    By paying close attention to these legal and compliance aspects when purchasing Burgundy Wine Bottles in bulk, you can reduce your risk and ensure that your purchasing process is not only efficient but also legal. These basics will help you plan and execute your purchase with confidence, knowing that all regulatory bases are covered.

  • How Long is Burgundy Wine Good in a Bottle?
  • Burgundy wines can age anywhere from 5 to 20 years. Some even longer! It all depends on the type of wine, the vintage, and how you store it. Taking good care of your wine is key if you want to keep it for a long time.

    What Kind of Wine Is It?

    Different Burgundy wines age differently. Some are meant to be enjoyed young, while others get better with time. Knowing your wine's style helps you figure out how long it will last.

    Storage Matters

    Keep your Burgundy wine in a cool, dark place. The temperature and humidity should stay steady. This helps prevent the wine from going bad too quickly.

    Bottle and Cork

    The bottle and cork are important for protecting the wine. Good quality materials keep the wine safe from air and damage. This helps it age gracefully.

    Aging: A Slow Change

    As Burgundy wine ages, its taste and smell change. This is because of chemical reactions happening inside the bottle. These changes can make the wine more complex and interesting.

    Oxygen: Friend or Foe?

    A little bit of oxygen is good for aging wine. But too much can spoil it. Burgundy wines with stronger tannins and acidity can handle more oxygen and age better.

    Watch Out for Spoilage

    Spoiled Burgundy wine can look brown, smell stale, or taste like vinegar. This can happen if the wine gets exposed to too much air or if the cork is bad. Sometimes, bacteria can also spoil the wine.

    Keep Your Wine Happy

    Store your Burgundy wine on its side in a cool, dark place. This keeps the cork moist and prevents air from getting in. Use a vacuum pump or special gas to keep open bottles fresh.

    Enjoy at Its Best

    Some Burgundy wines are best young, others need time. Check the label or ask an expert to learn more about your wine. Then you can enjoy it at its peak flavor!
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Burgundy Wine Bottle


Standard export pallet packing

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Standard export carton + pallet packing

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Head of Procurement

"SUNFECT PACKAGING has made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of our wholesale business. The quality of their burgundy wine bottles exceeded our expectations. Customer feedback highlights their level of satisfaction, reinforcing our decision to rely on SUNFECT PACKAGING for our supply needs."

Michael Torres

Director of Operations

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FAQs About Wholesale Burgundy Wine Bottles

Can I get samples?

Yes. The samples are free of charge.

About MOQ

One container. (Non-customized bottles)

Way of packaging

Export safety carton, pallet package, or as customes' requirements.

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T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

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