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Super flint spirit/liquor bottles wholesale, proudly manufactured in China

Wholesale Liquor Bottles

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Wholesale Liquor Bottles

Wholesale super flint liquor bottles such as whiskey bottles, gin bottles, brandy bottles, vodka bottles, tequila bottles, rum bottles and other alcohol bottles.

More than 17 years of experience in the alcohol packaging industry.

All the liquor bottles are made of Super Flint Glass, which is tailor-made for high-end packaging.

Available in alcohol bottle sizes from 50ml to 2L.

Customized design and deep processing services available (Painting, Frost, Decal, Silking Printing).

Sample bottles are free and delivered worldwide within 30 days.

MOQ: 6000 PCS. Multiple bottle types can be mixed in one container.

Empty Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Best Deals on Bulk Orders

Nordic Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Nordic/Oregon Bottle

Wholesale Liquor bottles in Nordic style or Oregon style.Including 750ml, 500ml, 375ml, 200ml. Among them, 750ml glass liquor bottles wholesale are highly popular.
Nordic Liquor Bottles Wholesale

500Ml Polo Bottle

Wholesale alcohol bottles. 500Ml Glass Bottles Wholesale with T shape Polymer Stopper, made from super flint glass. Spirit bottle manufacturers in China.
Mini bottles of alcohol in bulk

Wholesale mini liquor bottles

Mini bottles of alcohol in bulk. 375Ml Glass Bottles With Bar Top, suitable for packaging whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and more. They can also be used for weddings and other special events.Various styles of stoppers available.
375ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

Small liquor bottles wholesale

The 200ml size is the smallest for the Nordic/Oregon series bottles. Its compact size is ideal for ladies to sip on, and buying bulk mini liquor bottles from a liquor bottle manufacturer can boost your distillery business. Perfect for whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, etc.
Miniature bottles wholesale

Miniature bottles wholesale

350ml alcohol bottles, a rare size, with a screw top. Stand out from the crowd with unique alcohol packaging that sets your brand apart on the shelves. Purchase them in bulk from professional spirit bottle suppliers.
Wholesale Jersey Liquor Bottles

Spirit Bottles Wholesale

750Ml Jersey spirit bottles wholesale, with polymer stoppers included. High sales volume. Standard 750ml capacity, heavy-bottomed design, and crafted from premium super flint glass. Distilleries often use it to package spirits, wine, cocktails, and fruit wines. Buy them in bulk from spirit bottle suppliers.
Tennessee Wholesale Liquor Bottles

Bulk Whiskey Bottles

700ml, the standard size for spirits in many European countries. This Round Tennessee Bottle is suitable for whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, etc. Stoppers are available in polymer material or natural wood. Spray processing available, customizable with logos. Top spirit bottle manufacturers in China.
Round Whiskey Bottle

Round Whiskey Bottle

Wholesale whiskey bottles with stopper, 750ml size. The material of this tennessee bottle is super flint glass, with a thickened bottom. Logo customization is available, along with bottle body spray processing services. The stopper is available in gold, silver, or black, made of polymer, plastic, or natural wood.
750ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

750ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

750ml size, tightened bottle body. Perfect packaging bottles for whiskey, the preferred choice for wholesale 750ml glass liquor bottles. Comes with gold, silver, or black polymer stoppers, customizable packaging. Samples are free.
750ml glass liquor bottles wholesale

750ml glass liquor bottles wholesale

Springfield Liquor Bottles Wholesale Bulk. 750ml size, tightened bottle body. Ideal for whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, etc., these are the go-to wholesale 750ml glass liquor bottles. Available with elegant polymer stoppers in gold, silver, or black, and offering customizable packaging options. Complimentary samples available.
Bulk 750ml Aspect Bottles

Bulk 750ml Bottles

The Aspect Liquor bottle, featuring a sleek cylindrical silhouette and a weighty base topped with a bar top neck finish, exudes luxury. Crafted from extra flint glass, these bulk 750ml bottles are impeccably suited for upscale spirits such as gin, whisky, and rum.
500ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

500ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

500ml Glass Bottles are versatile and suitable for any liquor. Featuring a smooth cylindrical shape with a thick base, the Aspect Bottles are made from Super Flint Glass. Comes with bar top cork. Free sample bottles.
700ml Futura Bottle

700ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

The wholesale futura bottle 700ml brings sleek design to spirit packaging. It stands tall with a unique look. Made of super flint glass, this bottle is perfect for gin, vodka and whiskey.
750 ml Kendo Bottle for Liquor

750ml Glass Bottles Bulk

The 750ml Kendo bottle is suitable for premium liquor packaging. Made from super flint glass, this bottle is perfect for vodka, whiskey and gin. There are a variety of sizes available in addition to 750ml, with customization options. Free samples to help you confirm quality risk-free.
700 ml Liquor Bottle

700 ml Liquor Bottle

700ml Clear Arizona Liquor Bottle is suitable for all kinds of liquor packaging. This spirit bottle is made of super flint glass with screw finish. Screw cap sold separately. Perfect for serving vodka, whiskey and gin. Customization options available. Free samples to help you confirm quality risk-free.
500 ml Liquor Bottle

500 ml Liquor Bottle

The 500ml Clear Arizona Liquor Bottle offers a versatile packaging solution for a variety of spirits. Constructed from superior flint glass and featuring a screw finish, this bottle is designed to house vodka, whiskey, gin, and more. The screw cap is available for purchase separately. Tailor this bottle to your brand's vision with our customization services.
750 ml bottles wholesale

750 ml bottles wholesale

Ideal for wine and liquor, Renana Nouvelle bottles feature a stylish shape, sophisticated seal and crystal clarity that enhance product value and appeal.
Screw finish, screw cap sold separately.
Glass bottle 500ml wholesale

Glass bottle 500ml wholesale

wholesale 500ml glass bottles, perfect for showcasing and preserving the quality of spirits, wines, and beverages. Made from super flint glass, offering a durable solution for packaging needs.
375ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

375ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

The Niagara bottle boasts a unique body with a skinny neck, crafted from clear flint glass. Mini size 375ml.Thick Glass Base, Bar Top Neck Finish.
375ml Glass Bottles with Screw Caps Wholesale

375ml Glass Bottles with Screw Caps Wholesale

375ml Niagara Liquor Bottle with a screw top, perfect for spirits and gourmet products. Offering elegance, durability, and easy usability, it enhances shelf presence and protects contents. Ideal for brand differentiation.
200 ml glass bottles wholesale

200 ml glass bottles wholesale

200ml Nordic Bottle, crafted from high-clarity super flint glass with screw tops, ideal for spirits, wines, and beverages; available wholesale.We offer free samples so customers can confirm quality risk-free before ordering.
200 ml glass bottles wholesale

Square spirit bottle

This 500ml square bottle is widely used in various liquor, spirit, and other beverages. There are many designs for square bottles. We have hundreds of square bottle molds and support customized designs.Available wholesale.
200 ml glass bottles wholesale

Small square glass bottles

Perfect for spirits and gourmet liquids, our 300ml square glass bottles offer a unique, space-saving design and durable packaging solution.These stylish, clear small square bottles are perfect for showcasing your products.
240ml mini alcohol bottles

Mini liquor bottles bulk

240ml Mini Alcohol Bottles with screw finish, made of super flint glass, are compact, portable and beautiful. Screw caps sold separately. Wholesale only.
Lincoln Wholesale Liquor Bottles

Lincoln Liquor Bottles Bulk

Made of pure flint glass, it features a classic, simple cylindrical bottle shape and a spacious label panel. Ideal for storing rum, whiskey, tequila, vodka or gin.

Start your journey with our striking range of Wholesale Liquor Bottles, designed to stand out on any shelf.

From sleek and modern designs to timeless classics, we offer a variety of styles to match your brand's personality.

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Wholesale Inquiry: Ordering Details for Liquor Bottles

MOQ: 6000pcs of single variety wine bottles, multiple varieties can be mixed and packed in one container.

Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

Complimentary Sample Delivery of Empty Liquor Bottles.

Worldwide Delivery Within 30 Days.

Tailored Logo Design: Services include painting, frosting, decal, and silk-screen printing.

Tailored Shapes: Offering round bottles, Hock bottles, Claret bottles, tall bottles, flask bottles, square bottles, and decanter bottles.

Tailored Colors: Options include clear, white, blue, green, etc.

Custom design policy: The cost of molding for customized products will be refunded when the total quantity of purchased bottles reaches 250,000 PCS.

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Wholesale Liquor Bottles Packaging & Delivery

Wholesale Liquor Bottles Carton


Standard export carton with cardboard divider

Wholesale Liquor Bottles pallets


Standard export pallet packing

Wholesale Liquor Bottles BoxPalletized

Box palletized

Standard export carton + pallet packing

Wholesale Liquor Bottles Packing

FCG Box Packing

Reusable packaging for liquor at the customer's factory

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Food Safe Contact Test Report for Wholesale Liquor Bottles

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Jessica Wilson

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"As a retail store manager, it's crucial for us to offer our customers the best packaging options for liquor. SUNFECT PACKAGING's liquor bottles have been a perfect fit for our store. The sleek designs and reliable quality of these bottles have enhanced our product presentation and boosted sales. We highly recommend SUNFECT PACKAGING to fellow retailers."

Emily Anderson

Retail Store Manager

"As a brand owner in the liquor industry, packaging plays a vital role in conveying our brand's image and values. SUNFECT PACKAGING has been our trusted partner, providing us with custom-designed liquor bottles that perfectly reflect our brand identity. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality have helped us establish a strong presence in the market. We are extremely satisfied with SUNFECT PACKAGING's services."

Christopher Martinez

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FAQs About Wholesale Liquor Bottles

Can I get samples?

Yes. The samples are free of charge.

About MOQ

6000 PCS per type of bottle.

Way of packaging

Export safety carton, pallet package, or as customes' requirements.

About Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

About Lead Time

1) For stock products, we will send goods to you within 1-2 days after we receive you deposit.
2) For surface handing products, the delivery time is within 7-15 days after we receive your deposit.
3) For customized products, the delivery time is within 25-30 days after we receive your deposit.