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Stand out with custom glass bottles. Tailored to your brand's unique vision.

Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
sunfect glass bottle photo left
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
  • Cheap perfume bottles wholesale
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Cheap perfume bottles wholesale

  • Color:Clear
  • Capacity:30ml,50ml,100ml
  • Opening:Screw, Φ15mm,Φ18mm
  • Price:Bulk purchase discounts
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Cheap perfume bottles wholesale

  • Item NO.:SF-XZWX-0595
  • Material:Crystal Glass
  • Usage:perfume or fragrance oil, essential oils, aromatic oils and aromatherapy.
  • Accessories:Fine Mist Sprayer & Perfume Cap(Sprayer & Lid Catalog)
  • Sample:Yes
  • Way of packing:
    • Pallets,Cartons,Box palletized.
  • customized printed carton:Available
  • Delivery time:15 days to 20 days
  • Shipments:we can offer CY to CY,CY to door service

Uncover Affordable Elegance with Our Wholesale Cheap Perfume Bottles

Enhance your fragrance line with our cheap perfume bottles wholesale collection, available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes. We offer the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and quality, allowing you to deliver exceptional scents without breaking the bank.

cheap perfume bottles wholesale

Key Features:

Customizable Packaging: Express your unique brand identity with customized packaging options, including laser-printed logos and label designs.

High-Quality Crystal Glass: Our perfume bottles are constructed from high-quality crystal glass, ensuring your fragrances remain in pristine condition.

Versatile Lids: These bottles are equipped with an aluminum cap, and you can freely choose lids from our lids series, compatible with any 15mm or 18mm lid.

Economy bottles wholesale

Smart Design:

Screw-Top Opening: Easily refill your bottles with the convenient screw-top design available in both Φ15mm and Φ18mm sizes.

screw top perfume bottle

Square-Shaped Body: The square-shaped bottles add a modern touch to your fragrance line, capturing attention with their unique design.

Smooth Surface: The smooth glass surface provides a premium look and feel.

Sturdy Base: Our bottles feature a thick, heavy base, ensuring stability and a luxurious presentation.

screw perfume bottle

Refillable and Portable:

Experience the ease of refilling your favorite fragrances, thanks to our screw-top bottle neck. The refillable feature adds convenience to your fragrance line, and their portability makes them ideal for customers on the go.


Each bottle comes with a fine mist sprayer and an aluminum lid, simplifying fragrance application.

empty perfume bottles gold cap

gold fine mist sprayer and cap

empty perfume bottles silver cap

silver fine mist sprayer and cap

empty perfume bottles black cap

black fine mist sprayer and cap

Wholesale Benefits:

Our economy bottles wholesale collection is designed with your budget in mind, allowing you to expand your product line without financial strain. Take advantage of free samples and a shipping refund with your order to experience the quality firsthand.

Enhance your fragrance offerings with our economical bottles, combining cost-effectiveness and quality in one sophisticated package.

wholesale perfume bottles, mini Square Bottles bulk

Secure Packaging:

Your empty perfume bottles will be carefully packed in sturdy cardboard boxes with built-in dividers to prevent any contact between the bottles during transit. We take extra care to ensure that your order arrives in pristine condition.

empty portable perfume bottles packing

Order risk-free:

We offer a special perk – free samples with your wholesale order. After placing your order, the sample shipping cost will be fully refunded. It's our way of letting you experience our quality firsthand, risk-free.

Don't settle for ordinary. Elevate your fragrance game with our cheap perfume bottles today. Perfume bottles that speak to your style.

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Going Beyond for You

A True Story of Dedication to Quality and Satisfaction

" In fact, we prefer to anticipate risks and address them proactively.
One of our American clients ordered a batch of glass bottles. During the pre-inspection of the inventory bottles before packaging, we identified minor abrasions on some bottles due to transportation, resulting in small white marks on certain bottle surfaces.(Picture 1) This impacted the bottles' overall appearance.

Solve Champagne bottle scratch issue

Cause of the scratch issue

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the factory's default practice for large glass bottles involves placing them directly on pallets without implementing protective measures.


Recognizing the cause, we swiftly implemented a solution. We decided to equip each bottle with mesh sleeves to prevent direct contact (Picture 2) , effectively addressing the issue. We also communicated with the factory, urging them to continue following this practice in the future.

While the factory initially believed that minor imperfections on larger bottles (bottles with a capacity greater than 1 liter) wouldn't affect sales because these imperfections became less noticeable after wiping, we chose to take a different approach. We promptly decided to locally discard the entire batch to maintain our commitment to quality. We subsequently procured a fresh batch of bottles. Although this decision incurred a loss on our end, we did so to ensure product excellence.

Good Service is the Beginning of a Good Relationship.

This information wasn't shared with the client as we believe their experience should be hassle-free.
Our partners don't need to expend their time knowing these intricacies; they simply need to place an order and await the delivery of goods that meet their satisfaction.

FAQs About Glass Bottles Wholesale

How do you ensure quality?

Producing glass bottles for global brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi (7UP), our factory's expertise speaks for itself.

What is your MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one container. However, you're not required to meet this quantity with a single type of bottle. In fact, if your business is just starting out, our advice is that you can purchase multiple types of bottles in smaller quantities and combine them to fill a container.
Exceptionally, the MOQ for Perfume Bottles is only 2000 pcs.

What packaging options do you offer?

Pallets, cartons, and box palletization are available options. Customized packaging is also possible.

How long is your delivery lead time?

For the regular stock bottle, We can ship it in 10-15days.

Trade Terms?

FOB and CIF are commonly used. DDP is also an option, where we handle all import customs procedures for the customer and deliver the goods directly to their doorstep.

Do you provide free samples?

Certainly, we offer complimentary samples to our customers. Customers are only required to cover the courier fee, which will be reimbursed upon placing an order.

How to make a claim?

Many overseas exporters are vague about this. Cross-border trade adds complexity to the claims process. We never shy away from claim requests; it's a crucial part of our service and a reason you should choose us as your partner.